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Dark Rainbow | Deluxe 'American Spirit' LP (with signed print)

Dark Rainbow | Deluxe 'American Spirit' LP (with signed print)

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Released: 26th January, 2024
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Deluxe 'American Spirit' LP (with signed print)
180g Gatefold Red/Blue/Milky Clear Twister Vinyl

Dark Rainbow, in contrast to their previous records - which were snapshots of the time and mindset in which they were made - was born from self-reflection, memory and gratitude. It is a bold exploration of who Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes were, who they are and who they can someday be. The southern gothic balladry and crooning alt rock that they’ve experimented with on their previous releases is boldly up front on this record. There’s an undeniable strength in self-acceptance and in the search for your authentic spirit. 



1. Honey
2. Man of the Hour
3. Can I Take You Home
4. American Spirit
5. Happier Days
6. Brambles
7. Queen of hearts
8. Sun Bright Golden Happening
9. Superstar
10. Self love
11. A Dark Rainbow

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